Review: Welcome to New York by Luana Ferraz

Welcome to New York - Luana Ferraz

The cover is really attractive and eye-catching. Bright and colourful, filled with happy vibes, forcing the attention towards itself. After reading the book I loved the cover even more because of it's significance to the story.
The story takes place in a coffee shop, Green bean. Alana and Harry are the protagonists of the story. Both of their personalities are similar in several ways. They are both introverts, and both of them have dreams with no hopes of achieving them.
"Welcome to New York" tells about the lives of Harry and Alana. It tells about their regrets, fears, hopes and their dreams. It is a clean romance. Anyone interested in the concept of true love should read it. 
The character development was fantastic. I loved the plot. The book was a little long for me, but the story and the characters kept me hooked. The author maintained a sense of mystery around certain aspects of the character's lives which was revealed in due time and made the reading experience better.
I received an ARC from Booksirens and I'm voluntarily reviewing it.