Review: Mother of the chosen by Janeal Falor

Mother of the Chosen - Janeal Falor

"Mother of the chosen" by Janeal Falor is a dystopian fantasy following Adriella's journey as she travels on foot through the whole of Erta to save her unborn child.
Adriella is pregnant after she and her husband, Richart have been trying for some years. She can't wait to tell her husband. But when a prophecy is made that a child born with a symbol of star on him/her will kill and end the rule of High King, He orders zasins (soldiers) to bring every child up till two and pregnant women from every part of Erta to the castle so they can kill and eradicate the threat to the king. Adriella is afraid that her husband, who is a zasin will turn her in and plans with her friend to run away.
The story continues as Adriella with her friends escape into the Umpi forest, which is a home to many beings, and live there battling different creatures; the creatures they only heard about in stories.
Filled with adventure, friendship, a game of survival and a dash of romance, (They lived together for FOUR years and didn't know about each other, and now after less than nine months, there is love between them!? The love which suddenly disappeared, which he knew about her magic, even when he himself was associated with dragons.) this was one of the "couldn't-put-it-down" books. Though I feel it would have been better if the magic element was further explored, but maybe this is different in the next book *one can hope*. The cliffhanger was amazing but again, it would be better if the title of the book was something else, something less revealing. The map was a huge help. I was just going back and forth whenever a new place was mentioned. It made the whole reading experience much more memorable. I am probably going to read the next book too, so it has definitely hooked me.

I received a free copy and am voluntarily reviewing the book.