Review of Our Super Adventure by Sarah Graley

Our Super Adventure - Sarah Graley

A collection of wonderfully drawn and brightly colored comics setting new goals for relationships. Purfect for all cat lovers and pizza lovers (which, I hope includes everyone), people in relationships, comic lovers, life lovers, world lovers, oh and space lovers too! (...did I miss anything?) . At the end some comic strips by Sarah are shown which were made a few years back along with their redrawings which greatly indicate how her style has bloomed and flourished.
It was a lovely read. I tried to focus more on details after Sarah pointed out how it should be done in one of a comic strip. 

After reading the book, I have been more worried about my cat. She doesn't fart (at least I haven't seen her do so), so is it a bad thing or good. I am really horrified to think that her cat poops on the bed. If my cat did that, my mother would throw both of us out of the house!

Now I am starting to think it is less of a review and more of a "I love my cat but she's annoying" kind of post. I should stop...!