Review of If You Love Me, I'm Yours by Lizzie Chantree

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If You Love Me, I'm Yours - Lizzie Chantree

This is my first post on BookLikes. Hope I have a pleasant journey ahead. I want to ramble but at the same time I don't want to ramble.... Sooo, here's the review!

I think the situation with the parents will be relatable to 90% of the readers. It was a slow paced romance in an artistic circle.
"If You Love Me, I'm Yours" by Lizzie Chantree is about a painter, Maud, who has been looking for her parent's appreciation for her art throughout her life, but hasn't been successful yet. Due to this, she has no confidence in her skill. Her life changes direction when Dot comes into her life, who is in a similar situation with her parents (as she thinks). Dot's brother Nate, who is a well-known artist is still captured in the past due to a horrific incident.
All these characters had to work on themselves. Everyone of them had flaws and negative emotions and had to overcome them. 
There were some instances where there was less showing and more telling. Other than that, I liked the book. It was heartwarming and I was engaged in the characters lives.

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